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How to make your own french fries from scratch

You’re not just going to make up a french fry recipe from scratch, you’re going to do it all by hand.

The recipe can be easily changed or tweaked depending on what you’re looking for in a french-fried treat.

For example, I made my own version of the crispy bacon that you can make at home.

The problem?

I needed a crispy bacon to go with the fried chicken.

Luckily, the recipe has you covered!

The easiest way to get a crispy, crispy bacon is to use a food processor, or even a blender.

Here’s how to make a crispy chicken bacon sandwich: In a medium bowl, combine the bacon and garlic.

If using a food mill, place the bacon in the blender and pulse until you have a crumbly mixture.

Add in the tomatoes, and pulse again until you get a smooth, crumb-like consistency.

Add the chicken, and mix on medium-high for about 2 minutes.

Remove the mixture from the blender, add the remaining ingredients, and blend on high for about 1 minute.

Pour the mixture into a 12×18 pan and bake for 25-30 minutes.

This will give your bacon a crisp exterior, crispy interior, and a slightly chewy, slightly sweet crust. Enjoy!

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