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Google Voice FACTS Kratos actor speaks out on his voice audition

Kratos actor speaks out on his voice audition

Kratis voice actor Anurag Kashyap is speaking out against a voice audition that has triggered an uproar on social media.

He said the process has led to a lot of people being made uncomfortable and making it difficult for others to voice their opinions.

The actor said that while he has had a lot to say about the process, it is important to be honest about the issues.

“I have not even spoken out about the audition process, I haven’t even seen the audition, so how can I say what it was about?” he told NDTV.

“So if people want to have a dialogue, let’s have a conversation, but don’t put up a front.

You know what, it’s better to let it be known and get people to come forward.

It is better to have some dialogue than not.

So it is not right to try and silence any voice that might be raised.”

Kashyap said he was asked to take part in the audition in an event organised by his agency, Bollywood Voices.

“But I was asked for a voice that I thought I was good at, so I told them I would go for it,” he said.

“After that, they told me that if I didn’t go for the audition they would take the rest of the actor.

I don’t know how to take that.

I just told them, ‘I am not going to do it.'”

When the actor was approached by the agency, he said they asked him to audition for a part in a film, but it was not his part.

“He was asked about his voice.

He was told to take the part that was best for him,” Kashyaps said.

Bollywood Voices has defended the voice audition process.

“We have been asked to participate in a voice-audition for an actor who is currently in the movie,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“The voice is the only one we are asked to voice in the film.

We have not had any formal process with any other actors in the industry.”

The actor also said that he had to attend a meeting with the actor who was auditioning.

“There was a meeting where they were asking me to go, but I couldn’t do it,” Kashys voice actor said.

He claimed he was told the audition was done by someone else and that the actor had no say in it.

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