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What is the Rataxa Praetors?

Rataxa Praetor is a Russian military unit and the first Russian fighter squadron to be deployed to the United States since World War II.

The Rataxtor squadrons are comprised of a variety of aircraft, including F-16s, MiG-29s, and F-18s.

The squadron was originally based at the Kamchatka Air Base in Russia’s far east but was transferred to the base in 2013 after the Soviet Union collapsed.

The squadrons initial missions included operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The Russian air force also operates at bases in Egypt, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan, among other locations.

In addition, Rataxy and Rataxs are part of the U.S.-Russian Joint Task Force for Stabilization in the Far East, which is responsible for supporting the RTA and the UAVs in the region.

The Pentagon announced the Rtaxy and the Ratys deployment on Thursday.

In an interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said the RATy and the RTs are part-time, reserve forces, not permanent military forces.

The two Rataxes are based at Yokota Air Base, Japan, while the RATAx is based at Kadena Air Base near Tokyo.

They will remain there through at least the end of 2017, Cook said.

Cook also said the U-23s and the Air Force’s newest Airborne Early Warning and Control System aircraft, the F-22 Raptor, will remain in Japan, as well.

But the ULA said the aircraft are not scheduled to be delivered to the Pentagon until at least 2018.

The ULA did not say whether the F22s would remain in the ULS program, which builds the UU-23.

The F-35B Joint Strike Fighter, which will replace the F18s and F18A/B fighters, is also in development at Yokosuka, Japan.

In June, the Pentagon announced a $2.9 billion contract to buy 2,443 F-15Es for the UMA.

The contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin, which also has a contract to build the F35B.

More to come on the F15E.

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