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What’s new on the Netflix streaming app?

With a new version of the Netflix app coming to iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the streaming giant has added a few tweaks and improvements to the app’s search capabilities. 

The latest version of Netflix has been built on top of Google Assistant, a smart assistant that’s been making waves lately with its ability to understand what you’re looking for, when you’re searching for something, and to make recommendations.

While Netflix doesn’t offer a direct Siri replacement, it does offer an AI assistant that you can interact with. 

Here are some of the new additions Netflix has made to the Netflix search experience:The new feature on Netflix search is the “Search for” button that shows up next to the search box.

When you click on the button, you can choose a search term, enter a search query and click “Search.”

This is the first time we’ve seen a direct implementation of a Google Assistant-powered search feature on a Netflix app.

Previously, we saw an “Search” button when you search for a specific phrase or word.

The app has also introduced a feature called “Filter,” which will sort by the top words that match your search query. 

On the other hand, you don’t have to open Netflix directly to use Google Assistant.

You can use it as an extension or through a mobile app, or even use it in the Netflix home screen.

Netflix says that the “Direct Search” feature will be available for iPhone and iPad in the coming weeks.

Netflix also said that the search button on iOS and Android will work in the same way, though the search function may take a little longer to load on iOS devices.

The new search feature is a big deal for those who have used the company’s popular streaming app since its launch back in 2013.

Netflix has seen its share of troubles in the past year, with some users complaining that the app didn’t prioritize their videos enough.

That caused many users to leave the app.

That also prompted the company to launch a new feature called the “Netflix Direct” feature.

Netflix says that if you’re a Netflix user, you’ll get the direct search feature when you install the new app, which is available now on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Netflix has said that it plans to add more new features to the new version over time.

You’ll see new search functionality coming to the apps on Windows and iOS, as well as new recommendations from Netflix and other services like HBO Now and AMC Now.

The company says that its goal is to have “more than 100” new features in the next year, and that’s an ambitious goal.

Netflix’s announcement on the search feature came on the same day that Google announced its new Chrome browser for Windows 10.

That browser has been available for a few weeks now, and the search bar has also been available in the browser since October.

You’ve got the ability to add your own search query to the “About” page, which will bring up suggestions for you to type into the search field.

Netflix’s announcement of the search interface for Chrome has been a bit of a mixed bag, though.

The search bar is a little more advanced than that of the default Netflix app, and it’s got a lot of new features.

But it’s also pretty slow and not very user friendly.

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