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Google Voice Service How a little voice can change a life

How a little voice can change a life

With the voice of a young girl, a young man can change the world.

The voices of two young people who have become something of a celebrity for their ability to translate their own thoughts and emotions is a remarkable tale of hope, and the unexpected impact it has had on people in the lives of others.

The story is part of a new series about the power of the human voice.

“I have the gift of voice.

I can talk to people, I can read their minds.

It’s incredible,” said Alexei, 18.

Alexei says he started learning to speak when he was 11 years old.

He says he got a job working as a copy editor for a newspaper and was doing well, but he was also struggling to make ends meet.

He was living in a shelter in the Moscow region of Russia, and a family friend encouraged him to try out a job as a translator.

He worked for six months in the small Russian town of Gogolshievsky, but it was in Gogolin, in the far-east, where he met a young woman who was looking for a job.

Alexey says she was very good at what she did and was able to do a lot of work for the local newspaper, helping to translate stories and give her own thoughts on what was happening.

“The work was very hard, but at the same time I was very happy,” Alexei told CBC News.

“It was very rewarding.”

Alexey has now been translating more than 3,000 words a day since the start of the year.

Alexehich’s mother is very proud of her son, and she said she had to raise him the right way.

Alexes father was an electrician and Alexey’s older brother was a teacher at a local school.

“He was a very good teacher.

He was the one who taught us English,” Alexey said.

Alexe’s sister, Anna, was in Grade 11 when she started teaching Alexey.

She has been translating for two years, and says her son has become the type of person who loves to translate.

“You know, he loves his job,” Anna said.

“Because he has the gift, I guess.”

Alexei’s translation has inspired thousands of people around the world to try their hand at what they call “translating the unknown.”

Alexehic’s translator said she has a lot to be thankful for in his life.

Alexiy said he is proud to have helped the people of Gokolskievskaya in Russia, where the weather is often very cold, and to be able to help other people in need.

“We do this because of the hope, for all of the people,” Alexe said.

“And the hope is there, so why not do it?”

Alexei said his first translation was done in a local park.

The first thing he said he did was get the girl’s name, Alexei.

Alexiel was born in 1988, but his family moved to Gogolia, in Russia’s far east, to escape the poverty of Golkomans hometown.

“My mother wanted to go to a university in Canada, and my father wanted to stay in Russia.

I wanted to study, but my mother said no.

My father said he would have to find a job, and so he took the job,” Alexiel said.

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