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How to get voice-over voice-control in PlayStation 4

With the new PlayStation 4 version of the game coming to market this week, RTE has put together a guide on how to use voice-chat with your friends.

We’ll be running this through the PS4 version of our PlayStation 4 review, but if you have already got it, here’s how to get it working.

How do I enable voice-command?

There are three ways to get this feature working on the PS 4.

If you’ve already got the PS3 version, just head to the settings menu, select the option for voice-action and then enable voice command.

If not, then go to the main menu, then select Settings and then Voice Control.

If you haven’t got the original PlayStation 4, you’ll need to either have the original PS3 or PlayStation 4 in your console’s library.

Head to the PlayStation Store and download the game, then head back to the PS Menu, select Settings, and then select the options for voice command (or use the option in the menu to turn it on). 

If you don’t have the PS Vita, you can download the free PSVita version, which is still available in the PlayStation app store.

Head there and install the free game and head to Settings, then Voice.

You’ll need the PSVITA account to access the voice command feature, but it’s recommended you do so in the PS appstore as the app is now open to anyone.

How to use the PlayStation Camera to enable voice control on PS4?

The easiest way to get the voice control feature working is to go into the PS Camera menu and tap the option that reads ‘Enable voice control’.

Then, on the screen that pops up, tap the ‘Voice’ option. 

If that doesn’t work, then just head over to the Settings menu, choose Settings, turn the option on and then go back to Camera.

If that still doesn’t get you started, head to PlayStation Camera’s settings menu and select the ‘Advanced Settings’ option and then ‘Enable camera mode’.

This will turn on the camera for you and let you see the game in motion.

What are the options?

The PlayStation Camera app can be downloaded here If you have a PS Vita or PS Vita Pro in your PS4 library, then you can install the Sony Camera app from here.

The app will let you access the camera mode that you see on the PlayStation 4 and the ability to control the camera in other ways.

This includes playing in VR, using the PS VR Headset, or turning the camera on or off.

If this doesn’t seem to be working for you, head over and check out the guide above on how you can set up the camera.

How can I turn off the voice-in-game feature?

You can turn off voice-input on the main Settings screen, then choose the ‘Disable Voice’ option under the camera option.

This will force the camera to use a standard PS4 voice command instead of using the PlayStation Vita or PlayStation Vita Pro voice commands. 

How do you change the name of my PS4 save?

If it’s not already changed, you should change it from ‘PS4’ to something that’s unique to your console and then head over here to do so. 

What about PSVitas and PSVR Headset?

As mentioned above, if you don: haven’t had the original game yet, head into the PlayStation store and download and install both the PS VITA and PS VR headset apps.

If it doesn’t install properly, then download and download both of the apps again and install them in the same order as they were on the original system. 

If it does install, then it’s time to head over again to the ‘Settings’ menu and then choose ‘Settings’.

From there, you need to choose ‘Sound’.

Select ‘Use voice-only mode’. 

Then, head back up to the system settings and change ‘Sound settings’. 

What if I’ve already bought the PSVR headset, but have no idea how to set it up?

Head over to our guide on setting up the PS5 VR Headband and the PSN PSVR Gear app, then read on to find out how to install the VR headset. 

How do I set up an offline play session with the PS 5 VR Headbands?

It’s not too hard, and it’s pretty simple to set up.

Head over to PlayStation Mobile, head on over to your PS5, and go to PlayStation Settings, go to your localisation settings, and in the Localisation section, set it to Offline Play.

You can then head into PS Menu and choose ‘Offline Play’.

You can do this by holding down the PS button, then tapping the Home button, or by simply tapping the PS logo twice on the Home pad. 

Is this the same experience as using the headset on the headset itself?

Yes, it’s very much

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