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Google Voice Service New smartphone app allows you to mute or silence your voice

New smartphone app allows you to mute or silence your voice

New smartphone application allows you with your phone to mute and silence your phone’s voice control, Google’s India-based developers have announced.

The app, dubbed FreeVoice, was introduced in Google Play store in November, along with a new voice control option that lets you turn off the feature entirely.

A screenshot of the app’s developer page shows the ability to mute a voice call or call and answer, mute the microphone, or silence the microphone entirely.

Users can also mute or mute their own voice and adjust the volume level on the phone’s speakers.

The app is currently available in the Google Play Store, though the developer hasn’t specified when it will be available for sale in the stores in India.

It is unclear if the app is compatible with older Android phones.

The FreeVoice app was developed by two developers from the same team, one from Delhi and one from Mumbai, who are known as the voice makers of India.

Both are known for their work with Android phones, including the recently launched Moto X Pure Edition.

FreeVoice is available for both Android phones and Android devices running the latest version of Android, version 4.3 Jelly Bean, Google said.

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