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Why do I need to get my ears checked?

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is cracking down on the thousands of vets who have been complaining about ringing in their ears.

The VA has started tracking the ringing in the ears of vets to make sure they’re not getting ear infections, which are causing long-term damage to their hearing.

VA spokesman Lt.

Col. Chris Krumholz said the ringing problem was getting worse, and he wants vets to have a better understanding of the problem so they can get treatment.

VA has been looking into the problem for years, and the department has identified a number of different ear infections that can lead to ringing.

“We’ve identified the types of infections that are causing ringing, and we’ve made sure that we’ve identified those who have the most severe cases of ear infections,” Krumhy says.

“What we’re really interested in doing is making sure that vets who are being diagnosed with ringing in both ears have the right treatment for them.

That’s what we’re focusing on.”

The VA recently added a diagnostic app to its website to help vets identify the types and severity of ear infection that are most likely to be causing ringing.

But, as the VA is tracking the problem, it’s also sending out alerts to vets who say they have ringing in one ear, and they have to get a vet to make an appointment to get their ears checked.

To help vets get the right care, the VA has added a questionnaire on its website that vets can fill out.

The questionnaire asks them to describe the specific ear infection, which can be anything from ear lice to ear infections.

In the past, vets who had ear infections in both ear could get an appointment at a clinic to get an ear exam and have their ears tested.

But this is the first time vets can get an app to help them track ear infections to make better decisions about which treatment they should get, Krumhoels says.

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