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Google Voice Post Ad How to use the ELASTIGIRL voice

How to use the ELASTIGIRL voice

A little help from your body is good.

The ELASTigirl is a voice-controlled assistant that allows you to create and listen to your own songs and songs in the ELT, as well as manage your music collection.

The ELASTigs are now on sale at the Melbourne Music Festival.

The voice-activated assistant can record and playback music, create and edit music and perform a variety of tasks.

It comes with two voice controls.

“Listen, listen,” the voice will say in a very deep, deep voice.

“Listen, enjoy.

Listen, enjoy.”

“And then listen, listen, enjoy,” the second voice will tell you.

You can also control the ELastigirling with your smartphone.

There’s no internet connection required, so you can listen to music on the go, and the ELSTigirl has a built-in speaker.

Elastigirths cost $39.99 and you can buy one for $50.

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