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Google Voice Post Ad What happens when you cast your voice actors for Spongebob?

What happens when you cast your voice actors for Spongebob?

In the latest episode of the animated TV series Spongebobs voice judge, the voice of Spongebobe voices a voice that tells the story of the Spongebop universe, with his name being “Spongebobe” and his voice actor “Jotaro”.

This episode, we had the chance to speak with Jotaro about his voice as Spongebobo and how he came to be a voice judge for the SpongeBob voice-overs.

Jotaro and I talked about Spongebodies voice, and how his voice was chosen for the show, his childhood and life before joining voice-acting, and the many challenges he’s had trying to keep Spongebogoes voice clean.

So enjoy this episode, as Jotars voice is featured in the SpongeBobs voice-over. 

I can tell you from experience that a voice is going to come across as bland or boring if it’s not being used for an exciting moment.

So, in my opinion, the SpongeBot voice is an interesting choice.

Jotaros voice is the result of his years of acting as a professional voice actor.

In the past, Jotas voice was a bit more “lame” sounding, which is why his voice has a slightly lower register than what you’d expect.

But over the years, he has managed to hone his voice even further. 

“I’m a real professional voice, I really love it.

I think I’ve got my own style.

I get the best from my performances,” he says.

“I think I do a good job.

It’s hard to say whether I do it better than others, because there are so many different voices out there.”

Jotars work is a career choice, he says, and his acting career has allowed him to develop a sense of professionalism and confidence in his voice.

He says he is always willing to learn more about how to sound professional, and it helps that he works at a studio.

So, what is Jot’s biggest challenge as a voice actor?

“The most difficult challenge is actually working on a character with too many sounds.

I’ve done some of the most challenging scenes for SpongeBob,” he laughs.

“The characters that you’re doing are so different, and so complicated, and you’re trying to match it to how the actors in the show look.

So, Jots voice is a little less lukewarm? “

That’s a huge challenge for me, but also a lot of fun because you get to play the characters you love.”

So, Jots voice is a little less lukewarm? 

“Well, the first one was ‘Jotato’, I think it was.

The second one was a little bit more warm.

I mean, we just got back from Australia and Australia was warm.

That can be difficult when it’s a cartoon. “

You know, the main challenge is making sure you know how the characters look and that you have an idea of what they’re like.

That’s been really important, and that’s been the hardest part. “

And I think there’s a lot that I’ve learnt since I’ve been on this show, that’s a really big part of my career, is to make sure I know how characters behave and how they react to each other, so I know when they’re going to get annoyed, when they’ve got a reason to be annoyed, what their favourite thing is.

That’s been really important, and that’s been the hardest part.

I’m sure the producers and the voice directors are just doing a great job, and they know what I can do.

The voice of the character isn’t really my focus.

That could be a problem for a character that is the star of a series, like SpongeBob.

Jots personality is more of a character actor, but it is also important for a voice to be the voice that we see the character with, rather than someone who just happens to be on the show.

It has to be authentic. 

What’s your favourite episode of SpongeBobs voice-off? 

The first one is ‘SpongeBobs Theme’. 

The main thing is that it’s one of the episodes where the voices are so close together, it’s like ‘Let’s do this, let’s do that.’

So it’s the one where Jotara is the first to sing ‘Spongy’, and it was so good. 

The second episode is ‘The Last Spongebodee’, which is the finale. 

It’s an episode where the characters are fighting each other.

I loved that episode because it was like a SpongeBob meets The Rocky Horror Show meets a Star Wars episode, with the characters just going at it, trying to kill each other in a very intense way

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