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A voice recap of the Australian Open

FourFourThreeAussie Open, 3rd week of February, 2017.

The Australian Open is a five-day event at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, Australia.

The event was founded in 1908 and is held every year on the last Friday of March.

In the 2016 edition, the tournament started out with a first-round clash between the world No.3 and No.1 players, with both players competing in a match for the right to face the winner of the men’s final.

A third-round match between the defending champion and the defending runner-up was also played, but that was also stopped due to rain in the first round.

After that, the field was set for a second-round tie-up between the No.2 and No,3 seed.

The winner of that match would face the No 2 seed in the third round, while the No 3 seed would face off against the No 4 seed.

The first- and second-place finishers from the first and second rounds would advance to the final, where the winner would face a fourth-seed.

In 2016, there were three winners of that final, with the remaining three winners being No. 2 seeds.

The format of the final was different to the last two editions of the event, where there was a four-player draw to determine who would face who in the final.

In 2017, there was only one winner of this draw, with that winner being the No 1 seed.

After the third- and fourth-place finishes, the top two finishers would face each other in the semi-finals, with each of those matches ending in a tie.

The final would then be decided by the winner-takes-all format in the finals.

The tournament was the most prestigious tournament of its kind in the world, and the players who won the event were able to win the World Championship trophy.

A special feature of the 2016 Australian Open was the presence of the iconic Aussie flag, which was used in a ceremony at the start of the tournament.

The Australian flag is a two-tone white and blue, with white and red representing Australia, and red and blue representing the South West region of the country.

The 2016 Australian Women’s Open was a three-day tournament, with matches starting at 7:30 p.m.

(AEDT) on Sunday, March 12, and ending at 4:30 a.m (AEST) on Monday, March 13.

The first-and-second-round matches took place on Monday at 8:00 p.s.m., while the final would take place on Tuesday at 8 p.a.m..

In 2017, the format of this event was changed.

The format of Monday’s final was changed to a double-elimination format, with a single-elimbiter match between two players, where one player would be eliminated from the tournament after being tied in points.

The second- and third-place players from the second and third rounds would then face each one of the other four-way winners from the previous round.

The remaining two-way players from that round would then play the winners of the first-, second-, and third round.

The finals of the 2017 Australian Womens Open were held at the Perth Cricket Ground on Tuesday, March 16, with one of those first-day matches taking place at 7 p.c.m and the second day matches at 7 a.p.m, while those final games took place at the Adelaide Oval.

The final of the 2019 Australian Women, men and women’s Open will be held on Tuesday March 16.

The Women’s final will take place at 5:30 pm (AET), while the Men’s final at 7 pm (EDT).

The Australian women’s team is composed of a number of international players, who are all highly ranked and have represented their country at various levels of the game.

The players of the current Australian women team include: Maggie Bennett, Lillie Williams, Katie Stannard, Katie Laudren, Laura Kempson, Sarah Diggins, Mollie Witherspoon, Lauren Stewart and Kasey Watson.

The women’s squad features the likes of: Ellie Robertson, Maddy Watson, Chloe Dickson, Amanda Kline, Melissa Clark, Jessica Rennie, Lucy D’Orazio, Jessica Sgroi, Charlotte Cawley, Jessica Wright, Sarah Maitland, Katie Ahern, Nicole Stapleton, Charlotte Edwards, Hannah Murray, Kate Edwards, Karyn Tait, Melissa Caulfield, Charlotte Renn, Emma Mait, Lucy Maitlon, Emily Dickson and Megan Jones.

The team of Australian women players has also been known to represent Australia in international events, as the women’s side has been part of the Women’s World T20 Team in 2017 and 2018.

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