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Google Voice Service ‘Babylon 5’ stars and their families return to the big screen

‘Babylon 5’ stars and their families return to the big screen

The “Babble” series is back for its sixth season, and star and series creator Peter Molyneux and his family are returning to the small screen.

The “Babel” series will be returning for its seventh season, as well as the upcoming third installment.

“Babel,” starring Molyneson and his wife Lillian, has seen a renaissance since its cancellation.

It has a loyal following of young adults, with the first season grossing $8 million domestically and a record-breaking $150 million worldwide.

“We can’t wait to return to our original universe with this brand new ‘Babel’ season,” Molynux said in a statement.

“It will be a fun ride and we’re excited to be bringing ‘Babs’ back to the screen for our seventh season.”

The “Habersons” spinoff is set to begin filming this summer.

“Habsons” co-stars Aaron Sorkin and Michelle Dockery as a pair of former detectives who return to their hometown of Los Angeles to find out what really happened to their family.

The series will air in 2017 on the CW.

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