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Google Voice Service Google voice app is coming to Windows 10 on October 10, Google says

Google voice app is coming to Windows 10 on October 10, Google says

Google is launching a new app to help developers make their apps available on Windows 10 devices, but they’re not just calling it the Google Voice app.

The new app, called Google Voice for Windows, is coming in October.

That means we can expect to see it available to developers later in the month.

In the video below, the Google app team says the app will be free, but you’ll need to sign up for an account if you want to make it available.

The app will also be available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft already sells Google Voice on Windows.

You can sign up to get Google Voice in the Windows 10 store here.

The developer says the Google App for Windows app will allow developers to integrate with Cortana, the personal assistant that Microsoft acquired last year.

It will also allow developers “to create a custom user interface that brings the experience to your app.”

Developers can also create custom voice interfaces for Windows 10’s Windows Hello security system.

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