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How to fix your Alexa voice problem

Alexa voice issues can be caused by several different things.

You can make it more difficult for Alexa to understand your commands, or you can simply have a hard time understanding what you want to say.

With this guide, we’ll help you identify the problems you’re experiencing and fix them.


Your voice is getting confused: If your Alexa starts speaking words that are confusing, then you might be having trouble understanding your commands.

Alexa doesn’t usually say anything until you tell it what you’re saying, so try to understand what you are saying.

Try saying, “Alexa, start your car, get ready to drive.”

That will start the car’s computer.

If it’s not working, ask Alexa again to start the computer, or just turn the volume down.

You might not be able to see your car or its interior in this screen, so you’ll have to look at the screen to figure out what’s going on.

For example, if you’re in the backseat of your car and you see an alarm, try telling Alexa, “Ok, I need to change my alarm settings.”

Or you might want to tell Alexa, “[Alexa] start the emergency alarm, I want to know when the car is about to go off.”


You’re having trouble saying the correct commands: This might be due to Alexa having trouble interpreting your commands correctly.

Try doing a search in the Alexa app.

Or, try searching for a particular phrase, such as, “How to change a lightbulb.”

Alexa might not understand that phrase, and you might not get the results you expect.

Ask Alexa again, and she’ll start the app again.


Alexa can’t hear you when you speak: If Alexa doesn

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