Google Voice

Google Voice Service ‘Voice of Customer’ is a voice of customer. Now Google is doing it with Google Assistant.

‘Voice of Customer’ is a voice of customer. Now Google is doing it with Google Assistant.

The company said Tuesday it has developed a new voice assistant that “will empower people to be more aware of what’s happening with their information, including their privacy and security.”

It also is being built for Apple and Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Google said the new voice is built on a platform that includes Google Assistant, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Google’s other assistants include Google Assistant for Chrome and Google Assistant on Android phones.

The new assistant will be available as a free download in early 2018.

“It will be a personal assistant for your Google account, so you can tell your voice to wake you up, or say something important when you’re stressed or busy,” the company said.

The Google Assistant has been available for free for several months on iOS and Android devices, but Google said it was rolling out the feature for Windows 10 Mobile, a move that will help it catch up with Apple.

Google also said it will roll out voice assistant features for Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Assistant Search, Google Maps, and Google Photos on Android devices.

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