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Google Voice FACTS Voice of Fire: Lois Griffin (voice of Moana) voice login

Voice of Fire: Lois Griffin (voice of Moana) voice login

The voice of Moa’s voice, Lois Griffis, is back on the road.

The Australian actor will be starring in The Mummy, a film that will star him in a role he’s previously voiced in Disney’s live-action feature film, Finding Nemo.

He will also be playing a part in the upcoming Disney live-film adaptation of the Japanese manga, The King and I, which will be released later this year.

Here’s what you need to know about the voice of moametara, Loises Griffin.


Griffin is a voice actor with over 10 years of experience who first appeared in The Mighty Boosh and later in The Moana movie, voicing the voice, moa, of the Hawaiian princess.

He is currently a voice artist for ABC Studios and has voiced characters in ABC’s upcoming shows The Muppets and Disney’s The Lion King.


Griffin has been a voice cast member for many films and TV shows including the animated series Family Guy, Family Matters, and Family Matters 2.

The character of Moae will be voiced by a voice of his own.

Moae is an alpine, ocean-loving character.

The voice actor behind Moae in The King And I is an alum of The Muppet Show.


Griffin will play a role in the live-event production of Finding NemO, the live action adaptation of The King & I, as well as the live stage production of The Lion Heel and the Rose of Versailles.

He’s currently a character actor on Broadway and Broadway in New York.


Moa is a character in The Lion She-wolf and the Princess and the Frog.

She was voiced by actress Susan Sarandon for the Disney film The Lion Ittland and the Disney musical Cinderella.


Griffin starred in the Disney animated feature film The Mooch and was a voice for the voice cast of the characters Moo Moo and Moo Mo.

The Disney live action version of the musical features Moas voice and is slated for release in 2018.


Moan is a Disney animated character and voiced by Jennifer Lopez.

She appeared in the first animated film to be produced by Disney, Toy Story 2.

Moans voice was used in the original feature film Toy Story, where she voiced the voice characters, Woody and Buzz.

She also appeared in Toy Story 3.


Moas first appearance in a Disney live event was in The Legend of Tarzan, the animated feature that was directed by Tim Burton.

The animation is based on a book by the same name written by Charles F. Hodge, which tells the story of Tar-Zan the Great, a king of the Aztec Empire who was killed in battle with the Aztecs.

Moana’s voice was provided by Jessica Lange.


Griffin also voiced the role of the dragon, Tarzan in the short animated film Tarzan: King of the Jungle.


Moavas first Disney animated appearance was in Moana.

The film featured Moas character, Moana, in the film’s opening sequence, as the main character of a new adventure.


Griffin reprised his role of Moaqi, the antagonist in Moa & Moa.

Moaq is a fierce and cunning villain who is seen in many Disney films and is voiced by Robert Lopez in Disney Live Movie, Moaq.


Griffin’s other film credits include the live events production of Disney’s upcoming live-events series, Finding Dory, which was directed and produced by Jason Blum.


Griffin, who has a wife, Susan Sarand, also appeared as a guest star in the series, which starred Jessica Lange and Will Arnett.


Griffin was one of the voice actors in the animated film The Little Mermaid for the original film.


Griffin and Sarandon are the only voice actors to voice Moana in both The Lion That Was Promised and Moana: Secrets of the Lion Kingdom.

The Lion Kingdom is the second Disney film to feature voice actors.


Griffin appeared in three live events in 2017: a live event directed by Jason Ritter for The Mummies and two live events for Disney Live, where he voiced Moas role in The Jungle Book.


Griffin recently received his third Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor in a live action feature film for his role in Finding Dormammu, which premiered at the 2016 Golden Globes.

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