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Google Voice FACTS What is Raspy Voice?

What is Raspy Voice?

Raspity voice is a voice-activated application that lets you play the voice of an animal, or even a human, through the internet.

The app is based on the Google voice recognition technology developed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Hebrew language research institute Herzliya.

The app was developed by Herzliyan University’s School of Computer Science and Applied Science, and was announced by the university in October, the university said.

The software will be available in Hebrew only and the app is expected to be free for Israeli users.

Users can use the app to hear and control a dog, an ox, an ostrich, a pigeon or a rabbit, all with a voice.

The software can be used for any animal, whether they are domestic pets or wild animals.

According to the Herzliyas website, Raspi Voice “uses voice to create an interactive and natural experience.

It can be a tool to interact with animals, a tool for creating games or a tool that can help to improve the quality of life of the animals, and a tool of discovery and socialization.”

The app has already been downloaded about 300,000 times and has received positive reviews.

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