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Google Voice Post Ad Which is more annoying? A.R.M.’s Homer Simpson or his voice actor?

Which is more annoying? A.R.M.’s Homer Simpson or his voice actor?

A.M. Bayoumi is one of the greatest voice actors of our time, and his voice is absolutely brilliant.

When he plays the voice of the beloved character, Homer Simpson, Bayoumis is incredibly expressive and commanding.

Bayoumi has a lot to say, and he shares his wisdom on a wide variety of topics, including his advice for anyone trying to make a career in the business of acting.

Bayoufis best-known voice is his work as Homer Simpson in the television series, The Simpsons.

Bayoufis voice is so convincing that it has inspired many imitators over the years.

You can find Bayoufi singing along with his lines at his own website,, where you can also learn more about Bayoufimos career, including what his roles mean to him and what role he will play in a future film.

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