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Google Voice Post Ad ‘Lion King’ actress and voiceover talent hires for Amazon Studios

‘Lion King’ actress and voiceover talent hires for Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios announced on Monday that it had hired three former Lion King actors to voice the voice of the new series, The Voice finale.

The three new hires will be revealed in the coming weeks, and will be based in Los Angeles.

The voiceover gigs will take place on Amazon Studios’ Prime Video channel, Amazon Studios said.

The Lion King series was created by Oscar-winning Lion King actor and Lion King star Seth Green and is based on the children’s book by Peter Straub.

Amazon Studios also announced that it has hired the voiceover talents of its first female Amazon Studios character, Shana.

The character, who will be voiced by actor Alyssa Milano, is a young woman who works as a secretary in Amazon Studios headquarters.

Amazon Studios previously hired the voices of women in films such as Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book.

Amazon is also bringing on the voice talent of characters from other Amazon Studios series, including Captain Marvel, Amazon’s first female Captain Marvel.

Amazon also announced on Sunday that it will start hiring new voice talent for its Prime Video programming in 2019.

It’s also working with studios to add new voices to the series as it continues to add content.

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