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Google Voice Service Why Google doesn’t want your voice search data in its apps

Why Google doesn’t want your voice search data in its apps

POLITICO New York — Google wants your voice data in your search results.

The tech giant’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, confirmed the news in a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

The new rules will affect users of Google search results in three ways: When you enter a search query, or when you type in a search term.

The company will be able to tailor its search engine to your specific preferences, but it won’t be able display your search query or the term you entered, he said.

Pichai said Google’s search engine will also show you suggestions for related terms when you search for “bacon.”

In addition, Google will be allowed to display the results of its own voice-powered voice-recognition apps, but only in the same ways as its competitors.

The company said it would offer the same kinds of suggestions as Google+ and YouTube.

Pechai said he wants Google to be “the voice of the internet” in the digital age.

He said Google will also be allowed “to provide you with personalized search suggestions that can include specific search terms or phrases that you might use to find relevant information.”

Pichau told reporters in San Francisco Thursday that Google’s voice search results will be accessible only on Android smartphones, which are powered by Android OS.

Google said it will make sure its search results appear in apps that Google Play users own and have installed.

Pitch for a more personalized searchThe company said Thursday that it is not looking to be Google’s main voice search engine, but rather a third-party search service.

It’s a step in the right direction for Google to get more personalized results from its voice search, but the company has yet to announce how many users will be affected by the new rules.

Paying for search resultsPichay said Google would be able “to make a profit” by providing its voice services.

The CEO also said Google could also provide its voice voice search service for free, but Google declined to say how much it would charge for such a service.

Google’s search search product will also allow users to pay to get the results they’re searching for.

Users will be asked to pay for search suggestions in Google Search, and then can opt in to a Google Play account that will allow them to pay a subscription fee for Google’s app, said Pichay.

Google has long sought to build a more personal voice search experience in its voice service, and Picháai said that voice search would be included in Google’s apps as well.

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