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McDonald’s Australia confirms it has been contacted by voice of a deceased employee

Australia’s largest fast food chain has confirmed it has received a voicemail from a deceased former employee.

McDonald’s Australia confirmed it had received a voice message from the voice of an employee in 2016 who died before the chain could reach out to them, but did not elaborate on the nature of the message.

The message, sent by a woman who was employed by the company at the time of the incident, included a phone number and instructions on how to contact the company, and asked for an explanation of the situation.

It is understood the woman did not receive any response to the call, but the company said it was investigating.

Last month, the company also confirmed it was in the process of paying for the funeral costs of a former employee who died after being exposed to a toxic chemical, but not immediately released details of the costs.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said the company had not received any calls regarding the voicemail.

“We are deeply saddened to learn that the voice message received was of a woman from the early 1980s who died from exposure to a highly toxic substance,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“(The voicemail) was received in December 2016.

It is not known how long the woman lived at the company or what was her job status prior to this incident.

This matter is currently being investigated by McDonald’s staff.”

McDonalds Australia has also confirmed the voice recording was the first that the company has received.

(Supplied: McDonald’s) In a statement, McDonald’s confirmed the incident had occurred but added it had been informed of “recent information”.

The company said the voicemails were from an employee who had worked at the franchisee’s Australian operations from 1976 to 1984.

He had been on the staff for about two months at the same time, it said.

“[The company] would like to thank the woman for her contribution to the business and wish her all the best in her final years,” it said in the statement.

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